Blue Suede Shoes

Shop blue suede shoes by London Loafers. We have a selection of blue suede loafers, driving shoes, penny loafers, fringed loafers, horsebit loafers and tasselled loafers starting at just £49.99 a pair.

Womens Blue Suede Shoes

Mens Blue Suede Shoes

The London Loafers blue suede shoes are an essential classic for everyday wearability, blue tones which can easily be paired with most outfits and can be worn casually and formally. Our comfy loafers are available in a wide selection of styles including; horse bit loafers, lace up loafers, penny loafers and driving shoes made from super soft suede and leather.

“Step off my blue suede shoes”

Get into the spirit of Rockabilly Rock and Roll and read about the original recording of Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins and how it was an iconic mix of genres which would change popular music in the 1950s or watch the popular cover by Elvis Presley