How To Wear Driving Shoes

How to wear driving shoes? How can’t you wear driving shoes…


in the early 1960’s driving shoes were invented by an Italian shoe maker for a market of wealthy gentlemen that found driving their Italian roadsters through the riviera in conventional flat leather soled shoes to be cumbersome with their cars sporty narrow pedals.

Since then the driving shoe loafer has been refined and redefined to a wider market for both men and women who don’t have to own a sports car to appreciate there qualities. We believe the driving shoe to be the most versatile shoe on the market, your able to wear them casually in jeans and formal to work and they even look the part whilst sipping a Pina Colada by the pool.

That said below we will show you just how great these driving shoes can look and potential ways you can work them into your existing wardrobe.

How to wear driving shoes – Women

Style your driving shoes with a pencil skirt for a more classic look or or your favourite pair jeans for a chic casual outfit. Whilst more neutral colours are a safe bet to wear across all occasions why not opt for a burnt orange or hot pink to really make a statement.

Get some inspiration below…

How to wear driving shoes – Men

Traditionally more of a mans shoe the driving shoe is a perfect accompaniment to your shoe collection and easily go with all your favourite garments. An easy classic winner is a pair of navy, grey or tan drivers with slim or tapered jeans, white button-down shirt or a round-neck t-shirt.

See below a few a few ways you can style your loafers…

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